2nd TEAMS 3.0 Consortium Online Meeting

March 16th,  2021

The 2nd consortium meeting took place on Tuesday, March 16, at 2:30 p.m. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic it was held online and was attended by representatives of all partners for presenting and discussing their work and results.

Moreover, members of the GERTNER and KI presented the a scoping review on EMTs operations and standards (KI) and the scoping review on the current EU and Neighbourhood countries disaster risk profile (GERTNER).

The meeting was concluded with a guided discussion around three main questions:

  1. According to the results presented, which are the two most likely scenarios in which EMTs will be involved during their response in the next future?
  2. How many exercises (no more than 3) we should add to the current training package?
  3. Which do you think should be the content of these exercises?

While meeting on-line offers a good opportunity for working together and moving the project forward, we strongly hope that the next TEAMS 3.0 project meeting will take place in person in one of the consortium members’ cities

See the agenda:

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