TEAMS 2.0 – 16th-19th September 2019, Pforzen, Germany


16th-19th September 2019, Pforzen, Germany

The TEAMS 2.0 Pilot training was held in Germany to prepare future European helpers for their services. An international consortium has developed these training.

Well-trained emergency intervention can alleviate the consequences and support local organizations in partnership. Our intervention team members never know exactly, what they are up against when they arrive at their destinations. That is why everyone has to know in advance, what has to be done and how to behave in a case of an emergency. These skills have to be trained, as realistically as possible


Some pictures of the event:

Read article about the training: Earthquake in montyland

See the training programme:

NOVARA – TEAMS Training of Trainers

NOVARA - TEAMS Training of Trainers

24th June 2019

We kicked off the TEAMS Training of Trainers at CRIMEDIM Headquarters in Novara, Italy. We came together in a consortium of organizations with one ambitious objective in mind: making quality EMT training affordable and efficient anywhere in the world.

TEAMS project Consortium – FINAL EVENT

TEAMS project Consortium - FINAL EVENT

The TEAMS project Consortium invite you to the FINAL EVENT of the TEAMS project that will take place on December 5th 2018. The event is hosted by Manchester University and starts at 17:30 (UK Time) and lasts until 18:45.

Sign up via Eventbrite to receive access details to join the Livestream, during which you will be able to interact, asking questions and/or making comments.

Please find below the meeting agenda:

17.30: Welcome & brief history of EMT – Tony Redmond (HCRI)
17.35: Introduction to the TEAMS Project – Luca Ragazzoni (CRIMEDIM)
17.45: Development of the Curriculum Framework – Adele Aubrey (HCRI)
17.55: Description of the Training Package – Nieves Amat Camacho (KI) (recorded video)
18.05: Pilot Training in Germany – Sandra Oefele (HUM)
18.15: Pilot Training in Turkey – Kurtulus Aciksari (IMU) (recorded video)
18.25: Evaluation the TEAMS Training Package – Moran Bodas (TAU) )
18.35: TEAMS 2.0: The Training of the Trainer Curriculum Framework – Darren Walter (HCRI)
18.45: Closing remarks – Tony Redmond (HCRI) / Luca Ragazzoni (CRIMEDIM)



From the 3rd to the 6th of September – Isree (Germany).

The TEAMS Pilot training was held in Isree (Germany).

The event, decisively co-designed and hosted by humedica, was contributed to ameliorate the coordination process of the various players, who are involved in worldwide disaster relief work, as well as to establish and safeguard appropriate standards.

Click here to see the Training Evaluation Report.

Preparatory meeting in Istanbul (June 2018)

Preparatory meeting - Istanbul

On June 2018, Istambul

The coordinator of TEAMS project, Dr. Luca Ragazzoni, met with the Turkish colleagues from the University of Istanbul to discuss and facilitate preparations of the Turkish Field Hospital to the pilot training scheduled for October 2018.

Preparatory meeting in Munich (June 2018)

Preparatory meeting - Munich

On 4th – 7th September 2018, Munich

The coordinator of TEAMS project, Dr. Luca Ragazzoni, met with the German colleagues from Humedica e.V. in Munich to discuss preparations of the German EMT to the pilot training scheduled for September 2018.

The German colleagues are expected to meet their preparation goals ahead of time. The successful meeting concluded with a complete agenda for the pilot training week, which will take place between 4th-7th September, 2018.

Working meeting in Stockholm (June 2018)

Working meeting - Stockholm

On June 2018, Munich

The coordinator of TEAMS project, Dr. Luca Ragazzoni, met with the Swedish colleagues from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm to finalize the TEAMS Training Pakcage. Upon the successful completion of this meeting, the TEAMS Training Package now includes eight complete training modules covering a wide variety of aspects of EMT field deployment, from preparation, through data management, adapting to local context, dealing with a mass-casualty incident, all the way to exit strategy and security threats.

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